Visual-studio – What Visual Studio files should be ignored by subversion to minimize conflicts

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I am supporting a number of .Net developers who are using Subversion to version control their work, but we have been running into a number of issues that seem to revolve around the additional files that Visual Studio uses to manage projects, do debugging, etc. Specifically, it seems that these files are causing conflicts due to the fact that they are already in the repo. I know how to get them out and how to handle them, but I need to know what "they" are first.

So, what are the files/directories that Subversion can ignore, and why can they be ignored?(aka. what do those files do?)

This is a large, rather un-organized ASP.Net site and deploying the site is done via. svn updates, so files needed by IIS to dynamically compile (I think that's what it is) the site as files change needs to be left in the repo.

Best Answer

  • bin and obj directories
  • *.user files (MyProject.csproj.user)
  • *.suo files

Also, if you are using Visual Studio 2015 the .vs directory.