Ruby-on-rails – Rails: Convert HTML to PDF?


What is the best and easiest way of taking HTML and converting it into a PDF, similar to use CFDOCUMENT on ColdFusion?

UPDATE: I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions that people have given so far, however I feel that people leaving their answers are missing the point.

1) the solution has to be free or open sourced. one person suggested using pricexml and the other pd4ml. both of these solutions costs money (pricexml costing an arm and a leg) which i'm not about the fork over.

2) they must be able to take in html (either from a file, url or a string variable) and then produce the pdf. libraries like prawn, rprf, rtex are produced using their own methods and not taking in html.

please don't think i'm ungrateful for the suggestions, it's just that pdf generation seems like a really problem for people like me who use ColdFusion but want to convert to Rails.

Best Answer

The gem, WickedPDF, does exactly that.