Reporting services anonymous access to reports


I can't create a NT account for everyone that need access to the reports.
Does anyone know or have a link to the info to allow anonymous access to reporting services reports ?


Best Answer

Thanks, I had tried it before but was failing, tried again and worked fine, must have missed something the first time around.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Standard install of SSRS 2005 (Integrated authentication)
  2. In IIS, duplicate the ReportingServices virtual directory and name it Public
  3. Under Public properties set Directory Security - Authentication and Access Control - to Enable Anonymous access using the IUSR_ account. Uncheck all other access types.
  4. Using the report manager, set up a folder named Public, and added the IUSR_ account to the Public directory role manager with a viewonly role. (Assuming you have already established a viewonly role as one with only the 'view reports' task enabled.)
  5. Add any other types of administrative/developer accounts
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