Sql-server – How to copy data records between two instances of an SQLServer database

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I need to copy some records from our SQLServer 2005 test server to our live server. It's a flat lookup table, so no foreign keys or other referential integrity to worry about.

I could key-in the records again on the live server, but this is tiresome. I could export the test server records and table data in its entirety into an SQL script and run that, but I don't want to overwrite the records present on the live system, only add to them.

How can I select just the records I want and get them transferred or otherwise into the live server? We don't have Sharepoint, which I understand would allow me to copy them directly between the two instances.

Best Answer

If your production SQL server and test SQL server can talk, you could just do in with a SQL insert statement.

first run the following on your test server:

Execute sp_addlinkedserver PRODUCTION_SERVER_NAME

Then just create the insert statement:

SELECT Names_of_Columns_to_be_inserted