Postgresql – Portable PostgreSQL for development off a usb drive


In order to take some development work home I have to be able to run a PostgreSQL database.

I don't want to install anything on the machine at home. Everything should run off the usb drive.

What development tools do you carry on your USB drive?

That question covers pretty much everything else, but I have yet to find a guide to getting postgresql portable. It doesn't seem easy if it's even possible.

So how do I get PostgreSQL portable? Is it even possible?


PostgreSQL Portable works. It's very slow on the usb-drive I have, but it works. I can't recommend doing constant development with it but for what I need it's great.

Perhaps if I pick up a full speed external drive I'll try out virtualization. Given the poor performance of just running the database off this drive, a full virtual OS running off of it would be unusable.

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