Cognito-forms – Does Cognito Forms support white Labeling


We would like to use one of our subdomains to present a form but want everything hosted by Cognito Forms. The idea is to make it look like they are still on one of our sites even though they are not, so we can allow a non-programmer to create and distribute forms.

Is this possible? How can this be done?

Best Answer

I am a PRO user at Cognito Forms. And I also wanted this feature.

White labeling is possible for the Forms.
In fact they have a special embed feature that puts the forms 'inline', not an iframe, so it really is a nice solution.
(*it also has iframe if you want that)

Notifications via email currently show so not exactly white label when you get a notification sent to your customer.

If you don't plan on sending your customer anything (like an email confirmation of any sort) then yes it acts like white-label very well.

But, if you reply to your customer via their email response system (Mandrill) they are required currently to add in the display name, making it obvious that you are using Cognito Forms.