Cognito-forms – Filter options by prior field choices


We are building applications forms for volunteers. We have offices all over the country so our list is growing larger. I want to reduce those office options when a potential applicant selects their State. Eg. If "Select you state" = OH, then only show "Cleveland, & Cincinnati".

Currently when they select the city and the applicant submits the form it is emailed to the representative at that office.

So, do I create a two separate Choice Fields one for state and the other for city and how do I build the conditional logic so that the email submission goes out properly?

Best Answer

The following blog post describes how to implement cascading choices in Cognito Forms:

In terms of how to route the email notifications, you can create notification emails for each office, specify the appropriate representative email addresses, and use conditional logic to only send the email when the corresponding office is selected:

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