Creation date Dropbox account


I want to verify if my Dropbox account was created before the 4th of October 2012, to be absolutely sure I'm able to have public folders.

Is it possible to retrieve the creation date of my Dropbox account?

Best Answer

I don't see anything within my Dropbox account which tells me exactly when I opened the account.

There are a few things which might help you infer the date, or at least confirm that the account existed before a particular date.

  • The Sharing menu shows you items that have been shared with you as well as items shared with you that you've removed, with datetime stamps.
  • Links shows you any links to items you may have created, with datetime stamps
  • In the "Account" section of Settings, there is a link to "View all space earned" from referrals. Those have general time frames (e.g., 10 months ago, 4 years ago)
  • In the "Security" section of Settings you can view all of the devices you've connected to your account, with general time frames

Events, unfortunately, which would seem to be ideal for this purpose, only seems to go back six months.

I only have a general (free) Dropbox account. I suppose the business or paid accounts may have more information.