Downloading Large Folders From Dropbox


I need to download around 100 GBs of data from Dropbox; preferably in one bulk download that will maintain the sub-folder structure contained within the main parent folder.

Does anybody have a solution for downloading so many files in one go? When I use the typical "download folder" method it does not actually download (I believe Dropbox has a 20Gb limit on such downloads).

Best Answer

There a few solutions that I found for connecting via FTP method for connecting to/from Dropbox, but excluding those who offer a trial-version, I only found only one that has a free membership without time-limits: MultiCloud.

There is a 2TB Traffic Limit for the Lifetime Free Plan, but that is pretty high, and if you need unlimited traffic, it is only $7.99.

They even provide a 4-step tutorial on getting it set up HERE