Error message when trying to make deploy of CommCare app “whoops, that didn’t go through. Reload the page and click ”Make New Version”


I'm trying to make a new build of a CommCare application and I received the error message "whoops, that didn't go through. Reload the page and click make a new version." I tried to follow those exact directions but I was able to reproduce this message 4 times. I've recently deleted a module in CommCare and I assume this is related. Can someone help me figure out what is causing this error?

Best Answer

"whoops, that didn't go through..." is the default blanket error message that CommCare HQ will generate when something went wrong and it wasn't able to tell you what. Generally in this situation the best option is to "report an issue" so that the platform developers can figure out what's going on and introduce a better error message for future occurrences of the problem.

If you are blocked, I would recommend using the "revert" feature to go back to a previous working version of the application, recognizing that this will cause some of your recent work to be lost.