Facebook – Horizontal scroll bar in Facebook news feed (homepage)


See this screen shot before reading further…


I am having this annoying horizontal scroll bar in my Facebook news feed (home page) from last 3-4 days. This is happening only in the news feed (home page) and only in Chrome browser (latest version in Windows 10). Moreover, I have found it only in this URL www.facebook.com but not in m.facebook.com. It also disappears in any other page (like profile or settings page) or in any other browser. I have double checked my browser's setting, updated it, magnification set to be 100%, PC's resolution is also perfect and also tried clearing cookies. Nothing helped. It looks like some Facebook script is damaged or something gone wrong in Chrome. It's just too annoying! I am just getting curious to know if it is in my browser or something has gone wrong at Facebook's side or if there is any solution? (This scroll bar is always there even when not in inspect element mode.)

Best Answer

So, my curious nature ultimately lead me to the cause of this scroll bar. Here this

enter image description here

docked menu / drop down or whatever this is dedicated for the pages I administrate. When this was opened, I get a scroll bar and hence quite an empty area as shown in the question. But on closing this menu and then refreshing the page caused the scroll bar to disappear and the empty area as well.