Facebook – Is Facebook ghost banning event invites and are there any other restrictions when inviting friends


I know YouTube has a feature of "ghost banning" – owner of the channel bans the user, they can still submit comments but they are visible only to them.

enter image description here

I'm wondering if FB events are doing the same?

Before I start inviting everyone on my contact list, I would like to know if I'll be "shadow banned"…

That is – for me it will appear as if the invite was sent but in reality no notification, no nothing.

I can imagine that such behaviour would be problematic and could often lead to confusion:

Q: Have you seen my invite?


Slightly related question – is there a limit on number of friends I can invite per day / per 24 hour period?

Best Answer

Unless these people have blocked you, they will receive the invite. That is the only condition I can think of where you could send an invite but they never receive it.

To answer your other question you may send up to 500 invites per event. If you wish to add more people (and it is a private event) you can add a co-host to the event who can send another 500 invites or you can edit your events privacy setting to allow your friends to invite more people.