Facebook – Turning off email notifications for individual group posts on Facebook


I am in a group and someone tagged me in a post and I got an email notification, this is fine and what I want.

However, what I don't want is email notifications every time someone else replies to this post, which I keep getting, I would only want an email notification if they had directly replied to me.

Now I see you can turn off notifications to individual posts such as:

enter image description here

However I am unsure if this turns off email notifications completely and won't notify me now if someone tags me again or someones replies directly to me; I'm guessing it turns all notifications off.

Is there any way to do what I want?

Best Answer

Unsubscribe directly from your email for which you don't want to be notify.

Suppose someone else replies to the post, you will get an email, unsubscribe that one.