Getting to the bottom and saving a webpage which has “Infinite scrolling”


There is a Tumblr blog which is just one long page with thousands of entries. Once I reach what appears to be the bottom of the page, more text/posts loads.

How I get to the bottom of the page without scrolling/pressing page down? Is there some way of doing this? I don't mind using Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

My aim is to save the page on my HD, so that I can read it from chronological order (unfortunately, the archive feature of Tumblr doesn't work on this blog).

Best Answer

Here's a way. It involves opening the developer console of your browser. That is done usually by pressing ctrl+shift+I or just F12.

After you've opened it and found the Console tab, type:

var i = 0;
(function scroll () {
  if (i > 50) {
  window.scrollTo(0, 9999999)
  console.log('scrolled ' + i)
  setTimeout(scroll, 900)

Then watch as it scrolls 50 times with an interval of 900 milliseconds between each forced scroll. That should be enough for many cases.