Gmail – Combine two filter actions


I use filters to organise emails into 'folders'. eg all emails to/from my children go into my 'Children' folder.
I use a filter to add a 'Children' label to outgoing emails to them and a separate filter to add the 'Children' label to any received emails from them so that any email I send to them or they send to me all finish up in the same folder.
Does anyone know how to combine these two actions into one filter?
Currently I have two filters every time I send/receive emails that I need to put into the same folder, eg to/from specific companies, forums, etc. etc.?

Best Answer

I do something similar with my own kids, although I have labels for each of them.

You should be able to do something like this:

Has the words: ( OR

Note that OR needs to be in all-caps for it to be recognized properly.

You can string several of these together like so:

Has the words: ( OR OR ( OR OR ( OR

There's a lot of space, but not an infinite amount, so I don't know how many times you can do that. I generally prefer not to do that.