Google-apps – Is it possible to change the contact email address on a Google Apps for Work account


I set up a Google Apps for Work account for a friend. I would like to change the contact email from my address to hers.

The instructions say

To add a contact email:

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. In the "Personal info & privacy" section,
    select Your personal info and then Email.
  3. Choose Advanced, then Contact email.
  4. Add your contact email address.
  5. Check your inbox for your verification email and select Verify.

But there is no 'Advanced' option, or any option to edit the Contact email. I can change the Recovery email but that's it. Is there any way to do this?

Alternatively, if I were to delete the whole thing and start again, would I be able to set up Google Apps for Work with the same domain name?

Best Answer

I logged a support ticket with Google and got an answer. The place to log a support ticket is here:

It wasn't the contact email address I needed to change it was the secondary email address. This can be found in the Admin Console under Company Profile > Profile > Contact Information > Secondary Email address.