Google-drive – Google Docs – Default layout when I create a new document


I use Google Drive for work and work only.
I have a very particular protocol for pages I print. This is along the lines of:

  1. Change the document to Verdana font face.
  2. Put placeholder text on the first line
  3. Center placeholder and change font size to 18pt
  4. Put placeholder text on line 3
  5. Insert a tab before the text above
  6. Change all font other than the 18pt title to 12pt
  7. Insert a footer
  8. Set the font to 12pt Verdana
  9. Align the footer body right
  10. Populate line 1 of the footer with static text ('Work of {NAME}, {Division}')
  11. Populate line 2 of the footer with today's date.
  12. Populate line 3 with 'Page {PAGE_NUMBER} of {PAGE_TOTAL}' where the number and total characters are variable, offered by Google Docs for document footers.

I've read about Google scripts. How do I make it so that when I create a new document, the above layout is implemented?

Best Answer

For new documents you can use ready-made templates.
Google Docs has a template system for new documents.

You can submit your own template and use it every time you want to create a document. Your own templates are here (and are public).

You can create a bookmark to your "Preview template"-link so it's easy to reach. You only need to click Use this template-button to create that document. If you have multiple templates you can use the link above to get to all your templates quickly.