Google-search – Google search results contains rectangles


My Google Search results look really annoying. I am not sure if this was before, but I noticed after I created a new Firefox profile and instead of pulling sync prefs it pushed them.

I thought this could be a reason, but while not logged in and with my second Google account, I see the usual results page with white background and non-space-separated search results.

Right now, around every result is a box and in between them is a separation space. This looks really annoying for me (since I search a lot every day) and is also wasting height. A third aspect is that context information (like I type Google and it shows the Google Inc. information box) are not shown beside but inline:

screen shot of search results

I could not find any settings to reset this. Since it really annoys me, can anybody help?

I'm using Windows 10 on a desktop and Firefox 46. This problem occurs on different machines but only in one account. So there might be a account specific setting?

Best Answer

That looks like the mobile version of Google Search. Testing it on my desktop I get the usual white background:

screen shot

However searching on iPad with Chrome or with Safari I get what you have shown, with the grey spaces in between. I can also confirm that with an Android phone you get the grey spaces.

As a fix, but it's not a great one because it breaks the nice mobile friendly view:

  • On Chrome for Android / iPad you can click into settings and tick the Request Desktop Site option and it will show up as if you are desktop - with only white spaces
  • On Safari for iPad you can click the share button (Box with arrowing coming out of it), and where the grey icons are, scroll to the right and you'll see a Request Desktop Site option
  • Other mobile browsers may or may not have this options somewhere