Google Search results vs. full page of spam links


I've searched for ext:PDF (filetype version) of a probably popular = commercial successful book and got full page (maybe more) of spam links – it's more than 100!

How to deal with a full page of spam links in the google search results, how to get more relevant results?

  • Somehow put all (un-relevant) domains into the filter?
  • Report all of them – impossible task or must be automated?
  • Other options?

Best Answer

If you find information in Google's search results that you believe result from spam, paid links or malware, here's how you can report it:


If the site is spam, tell us about it! Google takes spam extremely seriously, and investigates reported instances. These reports are submitted directly to our webspam team and are used to devise scalable solutions to fight spam.


Buying or selling links that pass PageRank can dilute the quality of search results. Participating in link schemes violates the Googles Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site's ranking in search results. If you believe a site is engaged in buying or selling links that pass PageRank, please tell us about it.


If you believe the site is infected with malware or malicious software, please report it to us so we can take action as necessary.

BONUS: copy/paste this into the search box and the first result should be valid:
"The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business" ext:pdf .pdf
not sure if this is actually what you seek: link to pdf