Google-sheets – Change cell color of a range of cells based on data in another column

google sheets

Say I have a list of dates in column A, many of them are multiple entries.
The dates are sorted and currently in time-stamp form (text).

I want to alternate the cell color of the data in the columns next to the dates every time the date in column A changes to make the data from different dates stand out.

Is there a way to do this in Google Sheets?


Best Answer

I'm not sure I understood your question... But here is one possible answer:

You can apply the formula COUNTIF to the next column like this: enter image description here

The beginning of the interval will be fixed and the end will be increasing, while you push the formula down to new cells.

So, the fist time a date appears, the content of the cell will be "1". You can then format conditionally the cell for a specific format when it is "1".

If you don't like to see numbers, you can apply the function IF to get a more user friendly look to your file and adapt the conditional format accordingly : enter image description here

Does this help?