Google-sheets – Font for formula reverts to 10 not matter what font size the cell is set to

google sheets

I making videos about using spreadsheets for my elementary age students. I want the font to be as large as possible. So I set the font for a cell to 18, for example.

before adding the = sign, a nice, big font

But once I put the = sign in, it becomes a formula and reverts back to font size 10 which is hard for my students to see.

enter image description here

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there something simple I can do so that forumulas come out the same size as the font for the cell so my videos will work better.

Best Answer

I think this is the default behavior in Google Sheets, unfortunately. To make it easy for your students to see the formulas:

  1. Make the font size for the whole sheet 10pt.
  2. Increase the magnification on your browser. (Ctrl-mouse-wheel on a PC, and probably Cmd-mouse-wheel on a Mac.)