Google Sheets – Conditional Formatting Based on Another Cell

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How can I highlight a cell in a range, if its value is equal to a different cell?

Random numbers in range A5:A20.
I want to highlight a cell in this range if it is equal to B4.

     [  A  ][  B  ][  C  ]  
[ 3 ]
[ 4 ]         24  
[ 5 ]  20  
[ 6 ]  24
[ 7 ]  18

In this case I would want only cell A6 to highlight as it equals B4.

I feel like it should be easy, but can't get it to work.

Best Answer

You can use "format cells if equal to...", but there are a couple of things to watch for:

  • the reference to B4 should be B$4, with an absolute row number
  • the rule "if equal to... B$4" would mean the cell value has to be literally "B$4". You want "if equal to... =B$4"