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I'd like to set up conditional formatting in columns B:D such that blank cells in B:D are highlighted but only when the same row in A is NOT empty.

I think the custom formula should be something like this, but it's not working…


enter image description here

Best Answer

You got pretty close with your idea about ISBLANK.

Use this as the Custom formula applying to Columns B to D


The formula evaluates two ranges:
1) cell A = whether it is NOT empty
2) cell B or C or D = whether they are blank (that's the impact of the absolute column reference).
The criterion are joined with AND. So the net effect is as if to say:

If cell A is NOT empty, then apply the formatting to the cells in Column B, C, and D UNLESS the respective cell B, C or D is not empty in which case don't apply the formatting to that non-empty cell.

This is the screenshot of the indicative outcome. enter image description here

Absolute Vs Relatives references in critera: Zig Mandel and tehhowch
Formatting Rule applying to a column: Ed Nelson