Google-sheets – How to fix a Circular Dependency Error in Google Sheets

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I have a cell (games played) that adds 3 variables (wins, loses, and draws), and doesn't display anything when they have no value.

=IF(D5+D6+D7 = 0, "", D5+D6+D7)

My variable wins (and the others when I add code them) detect when the word Wins appears in the same column as it. It also doesn't display anything when it has no value.

=IF(SUM(COUNTIF(D10:D29, "*Win*")) > 0, SUM(COUNTIF(D10:D29, "*Win*")), IF(D8 > 0, 0, ""))

I want it to display a 0 only when games played is more than 0 (so I don't have a bunch of zeros on the sheet) After making it display a 0 when games played is more than 0, it started giving me Circular Dependency Error. How can I fix this?

Here's a link to my file: Sample sheet

Best Answer

cell D5:

=IF(SUM(COUNTIF(D10:D49, "*Win*"))>0, SUM(COUNTIF(D10:D49, "*Win*")),
 IF(D8<>"", 0,))

cell D11:

=IF(D10>D2,"Win: "&D10&" +"&D10-D2&" SR",
 IF(AND(D10=D2,D2>0),"Draw: "&D10&" "&"+0 SR",
 IF(AND(D10<D2,D10>0),"Lose: "&D10&" "&D10-D2&" SR","")))

Circular Dependency Error was generated, because cell D11 was returning FALSE