Google-sheets – In Google Sheets, how to input a grading scale

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I have a rubric in sheets. It calculates the grade and turns it into an average in two different cells. I want to take the average cell and use a formula (in the next cell) that would plug in the grading scale and give a letter grade. Is this possible? I’m new to the formulas.

Here’s the grading scale I need to add. enter image description here

Best Answer

You can set up your rubric in some cells like I've done below and use the VLOOKUP formula. Make sure that the scores are on the left, where each listed score is the minimum for the grade it receives. Also note that they're sorted from low (F grade) to high (A grade).

enter image description here

Then the VLOOKUP formula takes your input grade, the range you've set up as above (referenced absolutely - this means it's got dollar signs when we're writing it down, and won't change when you copy & paste the formula), and the "index" of the range we want to get from the formula (the grade is the 2nd from the left, so we put down 2). It looks like this:

enter image description here

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