Google-sheets – Multiple IF conditions nested with a CONCATENATE

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I have a formula as follows which I'm using for a scheduling system within Google Sheets:

=IF(B2="","",(CONCATENATE($B$1&" "&B2&CHAR(10)&$C$1&" "&C2&CHAR(10)&$D$1&" "&D2&CHAR(10)&$E$1&" " &E2&CHAR(10)&$F$1&" " &F2&CHAR(10)&$G$1&" " &G2)))

Currently, my formula works b2 has a value inside it which is great, what I want, however, is for the formula only to show if one value is inside either.

B2, C2, D2, E2, F2 or G2.

so if c2 has a value I want the formula to parse.

I've tried

=IF(B2,C2,E2) etc with no luck. 

I've also tried:

=IF(OR(B2="",C2="") which parsed the formula but kept it visible even with no data.

Reason for this is that I pull these fields into a master schedule and I only want it to show when one of the fields is populated if that makes sense? otherwise, the schedule will look far to busy.

Document for you guys.

Best Answer

here it is:

                   IF(B2<>"",$B$1&": "&B2&CHAR(10),),
                   IF(C2<>"",$C$1&": "&C2&IF(OR(D2<>"",E2<>"",F2<>"",G2<>""),CHAR(10),),),
                   IF(D2<>"",$D$1&": "&D2&IF(OR(       E2<>"",F2<>"",G2<>""),CHAR(10),),),
                   IF(E2<>"",$E$1&": "&E2&IF(OR(              F2<>"",G2<>""),CHAR(10),),),
                   IF(F2<>"",$F$1&": "&F2&IF(                        G2<>"", CHAR(10),),),
                   IF(G2<>"",$G$1&": "&G2,)),)