Google-sheets – Pull a value for the following month in Google Sheets

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I have a list of values, and they are all for a variety of months (Jan 2018, Feb 2018, &c.). Google Sheets automatically converts these values into 1/1/2018 and so on. Is there a formula I can use to grab the value of the month following today? For example:

Dec 2017 – 10

Jan 2018 – 11

Feb 2018 – 12

Mar 2018 – 13

If I open the sheet today (January 26th, 2018), I want the formula to pull 12 from February. I hope this makes sense. Basically, I'm looking for a Today() code, but for "this month" and then to add one, so it becomes "next month".

Best Answer

Nevermind, I found an answer online after much searching. Here's what the formula looks like on my sheet, if anyone else is interested:

=VLOOKUP(INDEX($A$5:$A$41,MATCH(TRUE,$A$5:$A$41>=TODAY(),0)), A5:B41, 2, FALSE)

There's probably a way to optimize it somehow, but it's working so I'm happy.