Spotify and Uber – How Linking Affects Uber Experience


After connecting Spotify will I hear music I like, or that Spotify recommends for me, in the car?

What's the effect of this option?

Best Answer

Spotify doesn't work unless you have Spotify Premium.

Soundtracking your Uber ride is easy:

  1. Connect your Spotify account from the Uber Profile screen. You only need to do this once.
  2. Request a ride as usual in the Uber app. If you get matched with a music-enabled Uber, the music bar will appear at the bottom of the Uber app.
  3. Tap the music bar and choose a song from any of your Spotify playlists while you wait for your Uber to arrive.

Feel free to put your phone away; your playlist will start when your ride begins. Sit back and enjoy, or be the backseat DJ and wirelessly control the music from the Uber or Spotify app until you arrive at your destination. You can even discover new music through Uber’s featured playlists, specially curated to celebrate the city you ride in.

I suppose if you do, it is supposed to show a music bar at the bottom of the Uber app that you can use to control the music. I think you can also use the Spotify app to control the music also.