MediaWiki – How to Search Within a Category Page


I'm trying to search for text on a category page of a MediaWiki website. But the search seems to only work on article pages. How can I also search on category (or all) pages on a MediaWiki website?

This question is similar to this one: Search within a category on a MediaWiki site

Therefore, I want to emphasize, that I am not asking about the search on article pages of a certain category, but about the search on category pages themselves, as the may contain text as well, allongside the listing of subcategories and articles.

Best Answer

The MediaWiki search performs its search only on article pages by default. To extend the search, you have to add more namespaces to the search.

Depending on your MediaWiki version, you can add additional namespaces (e. g. "Category") by one of the following methods:

  • In older versions (e. g. 1.27.1), in your search results, click on the "Advanced" tab and select your desired additional namespaces.
  • In the current version (1.37.0), in your search results, under "Search in", click on "Add namespaces" and select your desired additional namespaces:enter image description here

Or you can prepend the namespace to your search query (e. g. for "Category")1:


1 Contributed by Tgr through the comments.