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What is and exactly? It's not just a theme.

There seem to be more differences than just the design. For example, I am blocked by because I use a VPN. But not from, which is my workaround for anonymous read access on Reddit.

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Jonathan Tien (/u/ricefield on Reddit), a product manager at Reddit, has indicated that is slated to be the future default Reddit web UI. It appears to be in a testing phase at the moment and is being rolled out to some users, as per various posts about it on Reddit.

you should give a try and tell me what you think! (it's our next gen web platform that will soon become the default mweb experience)

- Jonathan Tien (@ricefield) on X

Relevant Reddit posts:

The domain redirects users to Reddit’s classic desktop interface (pre-2018), bypassing any personal settings that might default to the newer layout. Similarly, leads to the current interface. These options ensure that users can access their preferred version of Reddit, regardless of any personal settings.

For those who wish to consistently experience a particular interface, the "UI Changer for Reddit" Chrome extension is a handy tool. It automatically redirects all Reddit links to display the chosen interface, be it the classic (, current (, or the "new" new version (

As to the VPN blocking, I cannot reproduce the issue. I am not blocked on Reddit when I use a VPN on,, or