Google Sheets Charts – How to Supply Filtered Series to Chart

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I have a table with X-Y values for two types of measurements, I want to draw two graph lines on a chart for each of the type (without modification of data in the sheet)

x-values y-values type
0 5 A
0 6 B
1 3 A
1 2 B

alternative would be to use 2columns table, but I would have to transform data from source which i would like to avoid

x-values y-Avalues y-Bvalues
0 5 6
1 3 2

desired graph

Best Answer

Choose Insert > Sheet and put this formula in cell A1 of the new sheet to pivot the data the way need:

  "select A, max(B) 
   where A is not null 
   group by A 
   pivot C", 

Then insert a chart based on the data in the new sheet.