Trello – Export Trello board to CSV/XLS including custom fields and labels


I've got a Trello board which uses the Custom fields power up and labels.

I'd like to export a CSV or XLS file of all the cards with their custom fields and labels included.

I've explored various ways to do this, but so far haven't been able to find a solution. Any ideas?

Best Answer

As of January 2017, there isn't currently a way to export the custom fields data via the UI.

Luckily, it is accessible via the API and a call to the pluginData resource /cards/[cardId]/pluginData.

I've thrown together a small project that gets you halfway to where you want to be. You can check it out here:!/project/export-trello-board-example

This is a small node app that will give you a JSON response containing a card's ID, name, and pluginData (if it has any). You can extend this and add in any fields you want!