Trello – remove the My Boards organization


Altough I really doubt it is possible, can I remove the "My Boards" organization in trello? This is where all boards are created by default but since I am very organized and order my boards by organizations this one is always on top, empty and anoying to me.

If I can't completely remove it for design reasons such as which organizatyion would be taken by default when I create a board, can I at least hide it somehow from my left side panel or boards overview?

Best Answer

No, you cannot remove the "My Boards" section. That section relates to boards not associated with any organization.

While you cannot remove the "My Boards" section from the "left side panel" you mention, you can minimize the appearance by

  1. Click on the minus ("-") "Collapse section" icon to the right of "My Boards" in the left side panel.

  2. Star boards there you use most frequently (or all) so they move up above the "Recent Boards" and "My Boards" sections.