Twitter – How to view retweets of the tweet by verified accounts


I've got a tweet out in the wild that had thousands of retweets in a short amount of time. I want to know how to search through the tweet's retweets to find the ones made by verified accounts. Is there a way to do this?

Best Answer

You can do this on the Twitter web client by typing the following search query in the search field:

@{yourUsername} -from:{yourUsername} filter:nativeretweets filter:verified

On the search results, be sure to click the "Latest" tab. What you'll get is a scrollable chronological list of all the verified accounts who have retweeted you. Scroll down the list to get retweets older than one week.

NOTE: the filter:nativeretweets search operator picks up only native retweets, that means you won't see retweets with quotes and you won't see retweets made with an API client. you can use the filter:retweets filter instead however the results there are "dirty" as it catches also tweet which have your @username + the word RT in them.