Why are some US numbers not free on Google Voice


I just noticed that Google Voice is charging me 1 cent/minute when I call my mom's home number. This used to be free, looking at their web pages I find the vague:

If you're calling from the United States and Canada to a number within those countries, almost all calls are free, but a few destinations will cost USD 1 cent per minute depending on the specific phone number.

Does anyone know under what conditions Google charges for these "few destinations"? Is it by city? Why did Google start charging for just some US numbers and not others?

Best Answer

So set up a Google Voice number just for your mom, and have the first 3 numbers be the same area code as her's. Then use that Google Voice number when you call her.

I know. Unnecessarily complicated. But maybe it will work. My GV no. uses my mother's area code, but I set it up that way orginally. Haven't been charged yet. Worth a try if you want to mess with having 2 GV numbers.