Best way to step down (half) battery voltage for motors

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I have a 4S LIPO battery 5800mAH at 14.8V and I want to use it to power some 7.2V motors I have.

The Rover 5 Chassis to be exact (, the only problem I have is I don't know the most efficient way to step down the voltage. I bought this battery to use with a quadcopter and I realy don't want to buy another one is there any way I can use this?

I know about regulators but that must be really inefficient.

Best Answer

As @brhans says in his comment, the answer is a buck style regulator. Those can be 90%+ efficient. They are a type of switching power supply that also uses an inductor. A buck/boost power supply can even raise the voltage, but you don't need that in your application.

Buck regulators are quite common in motor circuits, so you should be able to find a 7.2V buck regulator as an inexpensive off-the-shelf part.

In the RC world, such a supply is called an UBEC (which stands for "Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit"). A quick Google search on "7.2V UBEC" found lots of results, including this one:

7.2V "UBEC" regulated power supply