Electrical – Changing ltspice export from cortesian to voltage values when using AC anlysis


I'm trying to export a waveform from ltspice into an excel document to be later graphed using Matlab. I am simulating a simple series bandpass filter and when I export the voltage across a capacitor. It is not simply putting the voltage values into the second column. I am only given the option to use polar or Cartesian coordinates. Then when I am parsing the data in Matlab, it is not populating the variables because the second column is being occupies by coordinates. Can I change this export format somehow??

Best Answer

Maybe this is not what OP's after (and I misunderstood?), but it looks like he needs to add .option meascplxfmt=cartesian to the LTspice schematic prior to simulation. See the help for LTspice > Dot Commands > .options and look at MEASCPLXFMT for details. It allows three keywords: bode, cartesian, polar.