Electrical – Control 220V stepper motor with arduino

arduinostepper motor

Is that possible?

It is an Saia UFR1 motor running on 220V.

Can I simply use a double relais shield?

The motor is part of a valve actuator of my heating at home, so I simply need to move the valve now and then for a few seconds.
datasheet: https://oc.kosmospora.de/index.php/s/IKvxI8rzKuATTsC

The existing control circuit board is burnt at two places, transistors it seems. Fotos https://ksmspr.uber.space/nextcloud/index.php/s/JwuCxtRpQlVAnWm
Maybe I could try to replace the transistor!?

When I run the motor directly on 220V (one pair, red and yellow wire), it seems it goes a sec CW and then CCW and CW again and so on!?

Best Answer

While a stepper motor is a synchronous motor, the motor you have is meant to be driven by 50/60 Hz @240 volts.

The datasheet clearly shows how to drive it from a relay:

enter image description here

You could do this from an Arduino with the correct rating relay.

However the motor is not going to operate in a stepping mode where you can control the number of steps using a relay circuit.