Electrical – Input current for boost converter


I am using this IC in boost converter configuration : boost converter

It steps up the voltage from 16.5V to 23V.

It drives a load current of 270mA.

I need to calculate the input current of the converter.

I understand that output power/input power is efficiency.

Since I know the output power, can I take the efficiency value from the graph 21 of the attached datasheet (86.8% approx – obtained from fig 21 graph) and find the input power?

With the input power, and since I know the input voltage, I can calculate the input current.

Is this the right way?

And I want to check if all the components at the output of the IC are properly rated.

Which parameters and components should I check and how to check?

Boost Converter

Sorry for the poor image quality. The two transistors are taken from the SWE pin.

Best Answer

I would make this a comment but I can't (yet).

Your procedure is correct. You have to keep in mind that the efficiency value varies among different ICs, Vin, Vout, temperature... so take it as a very good estimation which is probably enough for most purposes.

Edit: The input current you would be calculating is an average value. Also, you can only do this simple calculation if Vin has negiglible ripple.

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