Electrical – OrCAD: Determining which trace in Secondary Sweep is which after simulating


When you run a primary and secondary sweep, there are multiple sets of traces for the same signal, where each individual trace represents a different value from the secondary sweep. In OrCAD 16.0, I want to know which secondary sweep value produced a particular trace; how do I do that?

Edit: I tried Linkyyy's suggestion and got the following info box:

Info box from a single trace.

So it tells me what generated that trace, but not the specific value of the secondary parameter that generated it.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using parametric sweeps instead of and/or in addition to secondary sweeps?

Best Answer

When you view the waveforms, you can right click on the trace, and click "Trace Information". This will show the parameter value used corresponding to that trace.


Double sweeps:

To be honest im not sure how to read the sweep value then, but if you use "parametric sweep" instead, you can do as i described above. So you use "primary" and "parametric" sweep.