Electrical – solder any module onto a PCB?

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I was wondering if I'd be able to solder complete modules onto a PCB…

E.g. BLE module, GPS module, Accelero/Baro modules, etc.

If not, what components can I use to get these features?

Best Answer

Obviously nobody can answer this since we have no idea what your soldering capabilities are, and what equipment is available. Actually think about it.

As for whether it is generally possible or advisable, no, not in the general case.

Some "modules" are specifically designed to be mounted on another PCB. In that case, yes, it's obviously possible for someone to solder them who has sufficient soldering skill and equipment.

Modules that are meant for being soldered to a PCB are usually clearly sold as such. They usually have what look like half cut off thru hole pads along the outside. These are called castellations or sometimes crenellations, and are meant to provide good solder contact. They can be reflow soldered.

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