Electrical – Spice simulation software installation


I wanted to learn to use SPICE through text files, (no GUI except for notepad/notepad++) but I am not capable of setting this up myself. I found some spice2/spice3 downloads from Berkeley's but that's about as far as I get. I know that I need to run "spice < myCircuit.cir" in cmd, but it is an unrecognized function. I have tried all day with Visual Studio and some strange things I gathered from searching the internet, but no success.

Oh, and I am using Windows 10.

To make things more clear, I was following this walkthrough https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/reference/chpt-7/fundamentals-spice-programming/ but failed miserably. In the link, beneath the example CMD line "spice < example.cir" it mentions "(providing that the SPICE software has been installed on the computer!)." The walkthrough doesn't mention how to install, so this is where I depart onto various internet threads and I haven't found a working installation procedure.

Best Answer

You can download LTspice which has a GUI but run it from the command line:

scad3.exe -b example.cir

-b: Run in batch mode. E.g. "scad3.exe -b deck.cir" will leave the data in file deck.raw