Electrical – use this h-bridge variation for power inverter application


enter image description here

(of course replacing the motor with the load..)

Why most inverter circuits use the classical four switches not any other variation as this one as example? i just want to reduce the number of signals to control the bridge. The classical one needs 4 signals (people refuse to connect the gates of similar states together but i don't know why..)

also, Is there any reason to prefer h bridge over push pull configuration?

Best Answer

This does not look like a good idea. The problem is that both top transistors can be on for a while at switch-over. Remember that the motor make a connection too. Think of replacing the motor with a resistor and you can see that both top transistors are initially driven on when one of the bottom transistors goes on. Also consider that it takes a little while for each top transistor to turn off after its base voltage is raised.