Electronic – a good lab surface to hot-air rework on


I have been scouring the internet for information regarding what would be a good surface to do hot air rework on.

Right now, my lab, if you want to call it that, is a wooden bench with cardboard surface…not the greatest. I recently got a hot air rework station to do some awesome SMD work but considering it gets so hot, I'm worried that my workstation will spontaneously combust. At previous employments and labs, there were ESD mats that we'd used. Considering those are pretty expensive, what would be a suitable affordable solution?

Best Answer

Use a 12" x 12" ceramic floor tile. It will cost you less than one US dollar but if you want to splurge you can spend another dollar and buy some small stick on rubber feet for it.

ceramic floor tile

Any ESD mat isn't necessarily going to hold up against the heat. You need a high temperature version if you're going to be using a hot-air rework station.