Electronic – Altium Designer space bar doesn’t rotate components


I am having a strange behaviour in Altium 14. When I place a component on the PCB in PCB Editor, if I press space bar, instead of rotating the component by 90°, it only opens a dialog where I have to enter the number of degrees by which I want to turn the component — this is very annoying.

I have already checked the PCB Editor Preferences in DXP Preferences and the rotation step is already set to 90°, but still it asks me how much I want to rotate every single time I press space bar…

I also found that pressing L opens the View configurations instead of flipping components.

Any idea how to change this?

PS: I have already tried to reset the default settings from the Preferences, still without success.

Best Answer

Going to make a guess on this one. In the schematic you can simply select a part and hit the spacebar and it rotates. In the PCB editor the part has to be "floating" in order to rotate it, meaning you have to click and hold it (as if to drag) with the mouse, and then hit the spacebar while "holding" it. The same goes for flipping the component (X-Y), etc.