Electronic – Anyone knows what software tool is used to draw these circuit schematics


I was reading online and found this site: http://www.cppsim.com/

I was very curious how this professor drew all these circuit diagrams in his lecture notes (such as this one: http://www.cppsim.com/CommCircuitLectures/lec9.pdf). They just look very very good.

And example is shown below:

circuit diagram

To be more specific about what I mean, by "publication quality" I mean the following:

  • The software must output vector graphics, such as eps, or windows meta files.
  • It would be good to have control over the style of the graphics, such the style of the components, line width, figure size, etc.
  • It would be good to have a graphical user interface. I understand LaTeX is very powerful but it's just too painful to write a 100 line script to generate a circuit diagram.

So in short, I'm not really looking for a schematic capture program. I'm looking for a program that can generate pretty circuit schematic illustrations so that I can put them in papers and presentations.

(I am aware of other posts on this forum, such as this one: Good tools for drawing schematics. None of the software mentioned in that post seems to get you publication quality figures.)

Best Answer

I'll take a guess though I don't know for sure. The key words here are publication quality and professor. LaTex does a very nice job when used in conjuction with CircuitTikZ. LaTex is very much used for typesetting documents in the university setting.