Electronic – application of current source and current sink concepts


The terms current source and sink, imply the direction of current flow.

For a source circuit, there is a "switch" connected between the positive terminal and load, where it sources the current through the load from a voltage supply.

For a sink circuit, there is a "switch" connected between the load and negative terminal, where the current sinks to ground through the load.

Is my understanding correct or not ?

What is the importance of understanding the source and sink concept in schematic design ?

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What you are describing is covered in "A' and "B" above. Your description for a sink is different. "C" shows perhaps a more common and intuitive description.

This a good question as a good understanding is needed. A current sink/source is not the same thing as a ground which can both sink and source current. This is important as not all components can both sink and source and misusing them can lead to confusion.