Electronic – arduino – Redesigning the Arduino Duemilanove and Ethernet shield in to a single board


I have build a prototype with the Arduino Duemilanove and a Ethernet shield. It works great, now I want to get it redesigned in to a single board with a few extra connectors.

  • Screw terminal for power,
  • Screw terminal for a few of the digital pins,
  • RS232 connection to the serial port.
  • RJ-45 port
  • I also want an enclosure for this new board.

Q: Why do I want to redesign the board?
I can't have a barrel connector for power, its a requirement from the site where I want to install this product. I also want a nice metal enclosure ( I couldn't find one for the Arduino that was reasonably priced.

Q: How many units would you be making
100-250 to start and more as time goes on.

My question is; Where should I post this job posting?

Best Answer

You could try one of the freelance design sites like Freelancer. You need to take into account the cost of EMC conformity in the country where you live; CE conformance is required in the EU, and can be quite expensive- something like £3,000 in the UK for that sort of item.