Electronic – Can you bridge or parallel the outputs of the PAM8403 amplifier


The PAM8403 is a dual channel amplifier, but I only need one channel. I want to utilise both channels as one, in order to get a single channel with higher output power.

I have been reading through the PAM8403 datasheet, but can't find any hints on whether this was recommended or not.

Best Answer

here's the response I got after emailing Diodes:

We would advise NOT to connect the two outputs of PAM8403 in parallel. We recommend two ways to get higher power :

a ) increasing the supply voltage, from 5V to 9V for example---PAM8320 working at 4.5V to 15V is a good candidate for this solution.

b) reduce the loading impedance, from 4Ohm to 3Ohm for example---PAM8406 can drive as low as 2.5Ohm/Ch that make PAM8406 is a good choice.


You cannot bridge the PAM8403 (as you can't bridge two pairs of differential outputs), and Diodes have recommended against using the two outputs in parallel.