Electronic – common name for scope collar clips


I am looking for spare scope collar clips (which attach the ground lead to the scope probe), so that I can make some custom ground attachments for connecting probes to some PCBs. The current crocodile clip damages the PCB and pops off sometimes, but it is still useful for other devices. A lead which is permanently attached to the PCB that could be unclipped at the collar would be more useful.

I am looking for just the clip, which is a flat metal part: I will attach my own wire to it. Does anyone know if such a thing can be bought separately to the probe, if they are standardised or what the canonical name is for such an item?

Assembled clip with wire

Clip on neck of oscilloscope probe

Edit I found the manufacturer's range of probe accessories: the alligator clip-wire-collar assembly is part #196-3120-01, is named "Clip-on Ground Lead" and costs about $12 (but looks to be hard to get in the UK). The clip by itself does not seem to be part of the range, however.

Tektronix 5mm probe accessoriess

Best Answer

Depending upon your scope probe maker it may be possible to order replacement parts from the manufacturer. This usually gets you the short GND lead with the probe GND lug on oneside and the alligator clip on the other end.

When you receive the spare parts you cut off the alligator clip end and solder the wire to your new custom end fixing.

Advantages of using the original probe manufactures GND lead assembly include that lug end is known to be correct for attachment to the probe. I have seen variation from manufacturer to manifacturer and there is little certainty that Mfg A's parts will work in Mfg B's probes. Another factor is that decent GND probe leads are made of very flexible stranded wire that may be difficult to source without purchasing a whole roll. Regular wire you find in a lab is typically a bad choice for these GND clips because it can break with a small amount of usage.